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If you have been following the news in the past year, odds are that you have seen something about United Airlines. It can’t seem to do one thing right. Dogs have been flown to the wrong continent and died in the overhead storage bins on its flights; passengers have not been satisfied with the service, and the company is seen as being too focused on procedure. There have been a lot of events causing bad publicity, each one worse than the next.

So what is United doing to regain its customers’ trust?

United Airlines has created a new pet policy to deal with its bad track Image result for united airlinesrecord when it comes to traveling with animals. The company has also reconfigured its customer service ideals so that caring about passengers and their well-being is a top priority, even over efficiency.

United is changing by giving passengers free flights and miles, and connecting people to what or who they care about through flights. However, these larger changes rarely impact more than a few people. The real change they must make is in how all employees treat customers.

Other airlines advertise their outstanding customer service and United could really benefit from a PR campaign that emphasizes its customer service when it comes to all customers, not just the ones that get free miles or flights. It is always nice to see a company helping others and giving back but ultimately, especially with an airline, consumers want to know that they will see good service across all flights for all customers.

A campaign that not only encourages employees to have good customer service skills, but also changes the opinions of travelers would be perfect for United Airlines right now. If all 150,000 employees can work together for the betterment of the company, United may be able to regain the trust of their customers.

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