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In today’s PR world, we already know that content is king. What remains critical, however, is that the right content needs to be matched with the right brand in order to tell the intended story and forge the strongest connection.

At Discovery Education, creating meaningful partnerships between quality content and brand imaging is a prime focus, with the team and resources in place to pull off impactful campaigns. As part of Discovery Communications, Discovery Education creates standards-based digital content which is available in over half the schools in the U.S., as well as community colleges and schools in fifty countries around the world. With such professional clout, branding partnerships need to make sense for all involved, maintaining the integrity of the program.

In an interview with PRWeek, Discovery Education Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Corporate Education Partnerships Lori McFarling says that investing in education is smart for business, and that for the companies, nonprofits, foundations, associations and agencies who want to engage in the education space, her group can help them to navigate the unique opportunity to differentiate themselves.

Chobani, for example, was able to help tell the farm-to-fridge story via a virtual field trip which included the bio of the company’s founder, thus combining topics like sourcing food and healthy eating with that of entrepreneurship. Over half a million students nationwide participated in the live virtual event.

As part of a middle school science and social studies unit, Ford Motor Company sponsored The Science of Flight, The Spirit of Innovation. The customized package was distributed to 15,000 school principals around the country and included videos, a teacher resource guide, and highlight’s of Henry Ford’s contributions to American innovation.

These strategic partnerships can offer a unique value to both the brand and the consumer, if executed well. The key is authenticity:

Message makes sense. Matching a yogurt company with a lesson on manufacturing and innovation would be questionable. Likewise a car company talking about farm-to-fridge. Choosing a topic which fits the brand on several levels will make the connection feel natural.

Integrity is key. A campaign’s content can’t be a glorified advertisement, plain and simple. Let the content stand on its own and offer a genuine value to its audience. The brand association will form organically, which is the goal.

Make it personal. By including the story of Chobani’s founder, their educational campaign personalized the journey – and gave another angle (entrepreneurship) to the lesson. Making a large company accessible in such a conversational way can go a long way in solidifying brand loyalty.

You don’t have to have global reach and a limitless budget to create a strong, content-based campaign. What you do need is the time to research and strategize with those who know the space. Our experts are ready to find the right match for you and to create a solid, memorable campaign for your brand. Give us a call at (203) 762-8833.


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